Acrylic Displays

Acrylic Displays, Acrylic Counter Displays, Acrylic Table Tents, Acrylic Boxes, Acrylic Display Cases, and Acrylic Signs. Most Acrylic displays are custom fabricated from heat bending, C&C routing, flame high polish and drape forming. Acrylic is an extremely versatile substrate with a glossy finish. It is the perfect product for achieving a sophisticated, high-tech look.

A unique property of acrylic is its ability to be shaped. Heat bending and drape forming allow acrylic displays to achieve almost any design you can come up with.

Acrylic Displays can be screen printed from behind the acrylic so it gives you a beautiful depth look and also prohibits scratching.

Drape forming is a technique using a single male mold, on which a heated sheet of acrylic is placed. After the sheet is softened, it sags and conforms to the shape of the mold under its own weight or by slight pressure applied by an operator. Drape forming is used when an acrylic display is designed with curves such as a half round or an “S” shape.

Flame high polish is a process where as the rough-cut edges of the acrylic sheet has a flame passed over the edge on an angle causing the finish to be translucent and glossy. Flame high polish is an important component to give your acrylic display a finished look.

Acrylic Counter Displays:
Acrylic Counter Displays can be designed to be conveniently located for a variety of retail product display purposes. Acrylic Counter Displays are used as brochure holders, cd display racks, dvd displays, cell phone displays, camera displays, and more. Acrylic Counter Displays are also beautiful and give a high-end look so your product is presented in professional manner.

Acrylic Table Tents:
Acrylic Table Tents are perfect for promoting the brand right at the table in front of the customer. They can hold menu and drink specials and can be interchanged with any type of graphics. Acrylic Table Tents are usually screen printed from behind the acrylic so your graphics are always visible and resistant to scratches. Acrylic Table Tents can also be designed as a menu roll or flip chart.

Acrylic Boxes:
Acrylic Boxes are perfect for Ballot & Raffle Boxes and are great for customer giveaways, elections, contests, suggestion boxes and more! Acrylic Boxes can be designed with graphics on the front or as a complete wrap. We can also design interchangeable headers that slide into an acrylic pocket. Acrylic Boxes can also have hinged doors or locked doors for security.

Acrylic Display Cases:
Acrylic Display Cases come in all shapes and sizes to fit the product you have. Acrylic Display Cases are perfect for jewelry, cameras, clocks, watches, and more. Acrylic Display Cases can be designed to your imagination and can have rounded corners, waves, different colors, etc.

Acrylic Signs:
Acrylic Signs can be designed is almost any shape. By using techniques like C&C routing, and flame high polish you acrylic signs can be produced to give a very high end and beautiful look. By sandwiching two pieces of acrylic together your signs can look like they are floating on the wall and they are also protected.

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